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So I have this problem...
I'm terribly good at leading on boys who I have absolutely zero interest in.
And the boys I actually like... not so much.
Maybe it has something to do with pressure? Like, I know I'm not going to end up going out with the guy I don't like, so why not jerk him around and have a little fun?
Wow... that sounds absolutely awful in writing...

So apparently I had been searching for the book "Charmed Thirds" in bookstores about two weeks too soon. But now that it's out, and now that my friends' lives seem to resemble those teen novels more than ever, I'm dying to get it. Ugh, of course once I get this whole school/end-of-the-year cramming/finals/regents exams thing out of the way, I'll actually have time to pick up a book that isn't part of the 10th grade curriculum.

Oh, and as of now, I am pretty damn happy.
I have changed soooo much in such a short time,
but I love it.
Let's keep it going like this.
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