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I've definitely been PMSing for like a month now. Today it's like PMS overload, as in talk to me and I bite your head off. I even have a MILLION and one pimples all over my face, but do I have my period yet? Nope. Hmm yeah it's about two weeks late. No, I'm not pregnant so don't try to be cute and funny (ahh the PMS talking again). And OF COURSE when I'm at my bitchiest, someone wants to start some drama with me. What a dumbass kid. I will kill him.

Crew is soo beyond tiring... and my body is seriously messed up. My leg has been killing me for like a month. And today my spine was definitely sore or tired or something. I don't even get it. I'm falling apart, and yet I refuse to see a doctor or anything.

I need a break.

On the bright side of things, tomorrow is FRIDAYYYY. Thank God for weekends.
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